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Coming July 2020

Get the skills you need for a career in marketing. Learn a new way and realise your potential in the digital and creative industries.

Develop the skills the industry needs and demonstrate your experience with a portfolio built with real brand projects.

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Put your skills into practice and work with real brands

Work on challenges with brands that you know; taking learning out of the textbook and into real life.

Our course lets you learn by doing, balancing support and learning with the practical experience you will need to move into the industry.

Flexible learning to fit around your life

Learn at home, learn on your commute, learn your way. However you learn, Switch will help you gain the industry experience, insight, knowledge and know how you need to change career and make a start in marketing.

We work with businesses across the UK to develop projects that highlight the skills they are looking for when they hire. Alongside your learning, Switch builds a skills portfolio to demonstrate and evidence the skills you learn to help you make the step into your next career.

Helping people into marketing careers for 6 years

Switch is brought to you by Agent Academy, an award winning education company and provider of industry designed and delivered learning programmes.

For over 6 years, our practical approach to learning and programmes delivered with industry experts have helped young people into the digital and creative industries delivering over £2.7m of annual salaries

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"Agent Academy has been a real turning point in my professional development. It’s given me the skills and experiences I really needed to pursue a career in digital marketing. The Academy has given me the opportunity to put theory into practice and allowed me to meet with numerous industry leaders who have each taught me something new. I think the Academy has given me the experience that University couldn’t."

- Henry, Agent Academy Graduate 2020

Supported by the Department for Education and Nesta

Switch is part funded through Nesta’s CareerTech Challenge in partnership with the Department for Education as part of their National Retraining Scheme.

This partnership not only allows us to implement key technology to improve your experience but also means that we are able to offer you free access to Switch until March 2021.

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